Since our inception in 1975, Rooterman & Ocean View Plumbing has served the citizen of Lompoc with exemplary, reliable and timely plumbing services with great results. We are popular in Lompoc for our quality service deliverance and superior customer service which is second to none.

Whatever your plumbing issues in Lompoc, we can solve it within a few minutes at unbeatable prices. In the last four decades, we have catered to thousands of clients in Lompoc and offered the best in class plumbing services. Rooterman & Ocean View Plumbing offers one-stop plumbing solutions to solve all your plumbing issues such as repipe and Toilet plumbing services, water heater repair & installation, pipe leak repair, sewer line cleaning, drain cleaning service, plumbing remodeling and much more. Our plumbing remodeling services in Lompoc will provide comprehensive plumbing solutions in Lompoc. Our skilled plumbers and heating engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the plumbing & heating industry. Rooterman & Ocean View Plumbing' rigorous internal and external staff training program is a tribute to the company’s deep commitment to advancing the plumbing, heating and other services to the extreme level of excellence.

We believe that a few well-chosen words succinctly sum up our approach to everything we do. Whoever our customer may be, we always ensure we work closely with them, as this promotes better mutual understanding and makes it easier to succeed in our shared goal. Importantly, we never forget we are working with our client, and their ultimate satisfaction is our aim. So, if you are facing any plumbing issues in Lompoc, we will offer the top class and prompt assistance at extremely affordable rates.