Drain Cleaning Service

Our residential drain cleaning service is one of our most popular plumbing services in Lompoc because most homes will suffer a clogged drain from time to time. Whether it’s a shower drain clogged with hair and soap scum that leaves you standing in a tub of unclean water, or a clogged kitchen sink drain that makes washing pots and pans a pain, you can count on our local plumbers in Lompoc to help you rediscover how great a free-flowing drain can be!

Whatever your drain plumbing issues, we make them disappear within minutes! We offer a wide variety of services in Lompoc such as drain unblocking, drain cleaning, sewer drain cleaning, drain jetting, main drain pipe cleaning, drain line cleaning, toilet drain cleaning, drain unclogging and much more.

We are quite famous in Lompoc as one of the most trusted and best drain cleaner. We understand the fact that it is tempting to purchase a cheap drain cleaning chemical at the retail store, but our certified plumbers strongly recommend against it. If these chemicals unclog a stopped drain, it’s usually a short-lived solution. Furthermore, these nasty, corrosive chemicals that can damage your pipes or even cause burns to skin. We truly care about the safety of you, your family, and your pets, so we encourage you to skip the potentially harmful chemicals and opt for professional drain cleaning service from our trusted plumbing company! Don’t put up with the annoyance of a clogged drain another day. Give the local plumbers of Rooterman & Ocean View Plumbing a call today.